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Portability for Oxygen Therapy

Mobi is designed to deliver the oxygen your patients need for an active life. Mobi uses Pulse-Wave™ technology to efficiently deliver the selected dose of oxygen at the right time.

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Stability and Portability

There are now two ways to order the Invacare® Matrx® MX2 Back: off-the-shelf orders, and by adding the MX2 Back on-chair

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Custom Molds for Wheelchairs

We work with PinDot to do custom molds to help our patients with the best seating possible to prevent any further deterioration in muscular skeleton issues where standard seating does not work.

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Any Willing Provider

The new year has brought with it some changes that’ll affect Medicare beneficiaries and providers alike. The “Any Willing Provider” provision, effective January 1, 2019, states that beneficiaries may obtain their durable medical equipment (DME) products from any willing provider.

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Invacare Sensor 02 w/Homefill System

Why order an Invacare Homefill System?

  • Stationary & Refill Concentrator together
  • Patients don't have to wait on a monthly refill delivery
  • Greater convenience equals higher compliance
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TILT® Toilet Incline Lift

Now available at Tanglewood Medical Supplies is the Tilt® Toilet Incline Lift from EZ-ACCESS.

Made in the USA and comes with a two-year warranty.

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